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Renal Transplant

The best way to replace lost kidney function - but only about 3 out of 10 are fit for this. Some people can't have a transplant for reasons they have no control over. But there are many who can't have a transplant because of lifestyle choices. For these people, eating good food, having a healthy weight and a little daily exercise can make all the difference.

Downloads about transplantation - please go through these to find out what it's all about.

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Videos to watch (they can be made full screen)

Things to read

Transplant Information

The Cambridge Transplant Website -
The team and place that do the transplants for those living in Norfolk - This is a must read for those having a kidney or kidney&pancreas transplant in this area - what to do, what to bring, who you will meet, the tests, the risks, the consent, the procedure and more.....and then information about living afterwards with the transplanted kidney.

Transplantation Booklet: Medical info about donating a kidney

Patients who've had a Live donor transplant - James & Shelagh Booklet: Giving and receiving a kidney

Patients who've had a Live donor transplant - Tim and Sue Leaflet about Renal (kidney) Transplant

Patients who've had a Live donor transplant - Hansa and Jayesh Our Kidney Booklet

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

"Blood Makes Noise" -The extraordinary world of organ donation, dialysis, plasma exchange and transplantation (in 5 parts).

You can make the videos full screen by clicking on the bottom right hand corner on the video when it starts. Clicking it again (the box) will take it out of full screen.

About Live Donation - Giving a kidney to somebody else

Five minute films titled ‘In their shoes’ feature organ donor families and recipients along with health professionals talking about their experiences around the issue of organ donation.

"You can see the ‘In their shoes' videos on YouTube by following these links:

In their shoes - Lee

In their shoes - Diane

In their shoes - James

More excellent Web Sites on Transplant:
  1. UK Transplant Web Site - Become a Donor
  2. NHS Web Site - Kidney Transplant
  3. Click here for "Organ Transplant UK" on YouTube
  4. More about renal transplantation from the National Kidney Federation
  5. VIDEO - Advantages of Living Donor Kidney Transplants; can we donate one of our kidneys to a loved one. Everything in this US video also applies in the UK.

Excellent general sites on RRT (Renal Replacement Therapy - that means transplantation and dialysis).

  1. http://www.kidneypatientguide.org.uk/contents.php   What is RRT – easy to read – good animations
  2. http://www.kidney.org.uk/help/medical-information-from-the-nkf-/   Medical information about RRT from the National Kidney Federation

Other videos more or less repeating the same information but here if you want to watch them:

Renal Transplantation - the steps

Receiving a kidney from a Deceased Donor


If you are coming to the time when you might need a transplant and you want to talk to somebody ring Mandy Wilkinson, our renal transplant coordinator.

Mandy's contact details are: 01603 289909   miranda.wilkinson@nnuh.nhs.uk