Kidney Care
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A healthy diet -

makes the difference...

There is no single renal diet.

Everybody has their own needs and the dietitians can help you with this.

But there are some guidelines.....
  • Keep the salt intake below 6g a day (this includes any salt already in the food you buy to eat).

  • Keep hydrated: Drink about 1.5 litres of fluid a day - unless already directed by your health team to do otherwise.

  • Only restrict foods high in potassium or phosphate if there is a medical need - it is not helpful to do so otherwise. You will be told if there is a need.

  • Aim for a healthy weight. Dietitians can help you with this.

Proportions and Portions (unless otherwise directed by a health professional)

Eating well is important for overall health.

In kidney disease, what you eat can help reduce some of the symptoms and side effects.

Contact a Dietitian

If you are under the care of one of the Renal Consultants you do not need a doctor to refer you to a renal dietitian. You can contact them at:

Renal Dietitians
Department of Nutrition and Dietetics
Norfolk & Norwich NHS Trust
Colney Lane

Tel: (01603) 287011