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Looking after ourselves:

Blood phosphate levels can rise when kidneys are not working well.

Kidneys normally control phosphate levels in the blood. If phosphate levels rise, people with kidney failure have to control their phosphate level by medication and diet. The medication will not work if it is not taken properly.

Take an interest in phosphate levels. Ask us for your blood results or preferably look them up on renal PatientView.  If the phosphate level is too high a dietitian will give advice about having a low phosphate diet.

To start with there is support from dietitians, pharmacists, nurses and doctors. In time people become their own expert.

To understand what all the blood results mean follow these links.

  1. For information from the Norwich renal dietitians with a link to information about low phosphate diets click on the "diet" tab on the main menu.

Not everybody on dialysis or with kidney failure needs to cut down on their phosphate intake. It depends on how high the level of phosphate gets in the blood.

To contact our Norwich renal dietitians - call: (01603) 287011