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Things you would/should have been offered to help you understand and make your own informed decisions about the treatments:
If there is anything above you have not had and want, or want again, please ring the patient education nurse on 01603 288920 so it can be arranged.

The whole renal team will support you the best way we can.  For those starting dialysis we will try to make this transition as trouble free as possible.

More about our Renal Information Evenings

There are 'renal information evenings' every 2 months at the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital on the third Thursday and first Thursday (of the following month) at 6.30 - 8.30 pm for patients, family and friends to find out more about kidney failure and its treatment. At these meetings there will be explanations of:

        Session 1 (1st Thursday of month)
            Self Care, slowing the need for dialysis, vascular health
            All about Diet and Kidneys
            All about Medication and Kidneys
            The fistula.
            The Role of the Renal Counsellor
            The Role of the Renal Social Worker - what help is there for you.
            The Role of Local and National Renal Support Groups
            Individualised Care Plans

         Session 2 (3rd Thursday of month)

            Conservative Management of Kidney Failure
            Renal Transplantation
            Home Haemodialysis
            Peritoneal Dialysis
            Hospital Haemodialysis
            Talks from patients undergoing the different methods of dialysis.

You will have the opportunity to meet many of the staff involved in the above areas and ask questions. There are usually a couple of people undergoing peritoneal dialysis and haemodialysis who will share their experiences with you and who will accept questions.

Norfolk & Norwich Kidney Centre, Francis Way, Norwich, NR5 9JA
Contact the patient education nurse on (01603) 288920 if you wish to attend. You may attend more than once.

There is always somebody to talk to - please see the contacts page. You may ring any time.