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Looking after ourselves:

Medication: Getting the drugs right can make all the difference. Getting them wrong can also. As a patient we need to know what drugs we are on, what they are for, what the dosage is, where we can get them, and for how long we are meant to be taking them. We need to do this to look after ourselves safely.

If we meet the doctors and we don't know the drugs and the dose we're on, then the doctors can't do their job as well as they could. We should not expect them to have an up to date list, it is better that we carry the up to date list. And it is important to feel able to chat with our doctors about how the drugs affect us. If a drug does not suit us there are alternatives to try. Do read the label in the box about how the drugs should be taken. Some drugs we give won't work if taken at the wrong time or in the wrong way.

It is also important to list all the "over the counter" drugs and complimentary/alternative therapies we are having as these can sometimes react to other drugs we take.

Information about medication:



 and this one to help organise the prescription drugs - getting it right...


If you have any concerns and want to talk to somebody about your drugs, contact:
Renal pharmacist:  01603 289700
or Catherine Heywood. Tel: 01603-287139
or telephone 01603 286286 (N&N Hospital switchboard) and ask for the pharmacy help line, or contact the renal unit.

See the pharmacist's presentation on this website under "Information Evenings" for advice about "over the counter" drugs.