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The Fistula

Dialysis has to clean the blood, so somehow dialysis has to get access to the blood.

The fistula is the normal and best way for haemodialysis to get access to the blood.

Haemodialysis is troublesome with a poor working fistula, so the better the fistula is, the easier doing haemodialysis is.

Things you can do to help:

The fistula is made from your own blood vessels, so the better condition your blood vessels are the easier it is to have a better fistula made. Over months and years the quality of your blood vessels can be made better by:


Things to read

The Fistula

The Fistula - what it is

The haemodialysis catheter (the neck line)

Vein Preservation - print out and share with those who take your blood to explain why we ask that the veins in both arms be preserved

In Norwich the fistula is created by the Vascular Surgeons.

To speak to our Haemodialysis Access Nurse Specialist about any concerns regarding your fistula, new, old or not yet created, ring Imogen Barber:

Imogen Barber
Haemodialysis Access Nurse Specialist
01603 288666


  Downloads/Links about what the fistula is and how to look after it: