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Looking after ourselves:

Exercise & Weight:

See the below links for explanations of exercise, ideas and venues if you like to exercise with others.


What is meant by exercise or activity - ideas

Click here.

Places where I can find places to exercise in Norfolk

http://www.activenorfolk.org/funandfit  &



BMI link


 Regular exercise.....


.............and all this slows down and even prevents a multitude of health problems some of which can be fatal:


    --------------> all of which contribute to kidney failure.

Diabetes is the biggest cause of kidney failure and high blood pressure is now being seen as the second.

Health problems that arise from lifestyle are called lifestyle diseases. Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure are such diseases.

You do not have to be a marathon runner to benefit. You don't have to do a huge amount. Anything exercise or activity that gets you moving is more advantageous than no exercise.