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Looking after ourselves:


Why bother?
Regular Exercise heals and maintains the health of blood vessels and this can prevent stokes, heart attacks and kidney failure. This needs to be done with a healthy diet.
Regular Exercise helps reduce blood pressure, a major cause of kidney failure, even for those whose kidneys are failing for other reasons as well.

But why can't you just take the pills which 'control' these things?
Of course they help and they might even be life saving, but they often do not protect you sufficiently from the later complications of blood vessel disease if poor lifestyle continues to degrade the blood vessels.
Having high blood pressure (BP) controlled by medication is not the same thing as not having high blood pressure (which of course does not require high blood pressure tablets). It's lifestyle that's often more relevant to your health than your BP numbers........

Take a look at this 6 minute video explanation....

.... from Dr Sanjay Gupta -
consultant cardiologist at York General Hospital (https://yorkcardiology.co.uk)

How does exercise help?

Exercise and BP (21 secs)

Benefits of exercise on the body (54 secs) [MAKE VIDEO FULL SCREEN TO SEE TEXT]

Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Organs (4 mins 36 secs)
What happens if you don't exercise? (5 mins 12 secs)
10 Benefits of exercise on mind & body (5mins 45secs)

Feeling a bit frail and havenít exercised for a while? Thinking youíre not strong enough to regularly exercise? Thinking you're too old? (nobody is). Try these gentler exercises: Sitting exercises | For Strength | For Balance | For Flexibility ----> (download these exercises to print out)

 Regular exercise.....


.............and all this, with a healthy diet, slows down and even prevents a multitude of health problems some of which can be fatal:


    --------------> all of which contribute to kidney failure.

Diabetes is the biggest cause of kidney failure and high blood pressure is now being seen as the second.

Health problems that arise from lifestyle are called lifestyle diseases. Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure are often lifestyle diseases.

You do not have to be a marathon runner to benefit. You don't have to do a huge amount. Any exercise or activity that gets you moving is more advantageous than no exercise.


"Although 1 in 4 individuals are likely to increase their activity levels if advised by a GP or nurse, nearly 75% of GPs fail to advocate the importance physical activity due to either lack of knowledge, skills or confidence." (PHE 2018).........Well below is a link to help put an end to this!..............

Click here to see how exercise can be prescribed to help with: -  (information for the public - go to page, click on |Prescribing Movement| at top of page, choose a condition, then choose |information for patients|).

...................an excellent resource. The conditions in green are particularly relevant to those with kidney disease.

Some LOCAL stats from Public Health England (PHE)