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Managing well with it all. 

Katie McGoldrick - Renal Counsellor in the Norfolk area. Tel: 07810 525 345

Having renal failure can cause a mixture of feelings that can be hard to cope with at times. Counselling is an opportunity for patients to talk privately and confidentially about their experiences and feelings in a way that is rarely possible with family and friends.

The role of the counsellor is to provide support for people to explore and make sense of the issues they are dealing with. I do not usually give direct advice but can direct you to useful resources and materials to use at home as well as providing one-to-one support.

Some of the things that people come to see the Renal Counsellor about include:

    Getting used to life on dialysis or with a transplant
    Managing anxiety, depression and low mood
    Work and family concerns
    Managing changes in how you see yourself, including body image worries
    Sexual difficulties
    Loss and bereavement
    Life in general.

If you think counselling might be helpful to you, please contact me on the number below or ask a member of staff to contact me on your behalf.

I will usually meet you for an initial appointment to discuss your needs. After that, we may agree to meet on a weekly or less frequent basis, depending on your needs. I may also offer self-help resources for you to use at home in the time between meetings. I see patients at the Jack Pryor Unit, Cromer Hospital or at home depending on your needs and availability.

Having counselling is not about being ill or inadequate. It is about making a positive choice to help yourself.

(See also Managing Your Emotions)

Patients, relatives and carers can get in touch directly with me on the email below.

Katie McGoldrick Tel: 07810 525 345

Managing well with Renal Disease. Social Worker Helen Alton

We have a dedicated Renal Social Worker. Helen Alton can help you with advice on matters of employment and benefits and generally managing well at home with kidney problems. If you have concerns about managing well you can ring her up.

Helen Alton  can be contacted on 01603 288934

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It is normal to sometimes find it hard to manage well with dialysis.