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Conservative Care or Conservative Management (CM) of Kidney Failure

Deciding not to have dialysis.

You might not want renal replacement therapy. The point of doing dialysis is to feel better and to live longer. But if somebody is very frail and perhaps has other problems, doing dialysis might not achieve this. Dialysis is a tough therapy, even for the young.

Frail people with other serious medical problems, and perhaps elderly, might not do well on dialysis. This means that starting dialysis can bring the quality of life down and sometimes even shorten life, due to the stress doing dialysis can put upon the frail person.

For whatever reason, you might feel that dialysis is too much to put up with. We can still continue to treat you if you do not want to have dialysis.  We will help your kidneys last as long as possible, and we will treat any symptoms of renal failure.  You can get much more good information about what Conservative Management means from the information below:

Video to watch: Video can be made full screen

Conservative Management instead of doing dialysis

 Things to read:

Choosing to have treatment without dialysis. (from the Edinburgh Renal Unit)
Choosing not to have dialysis but still have active treatment From Kidney Research UK.
Non-dialysis management of end-stage renal failure.pdf
Choosing not to have dialysis (From KidneyCareUK)
Choosing to stop dialysis after a while of being on it (From KidneyCareUK)
What I tell my patients about conservative kidney management.pdf
What I tell my patients about conservative management of their established renal failure.pdf

Information for further down the road (end of life planning / care) - NHS booklets that can be very helpful at a later date:
Advanced Care Planning - Making sure your wishes, views & preferences count - guide.pdf
My Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment - Making your wishes known.pdf
Decision Aid - Booklet for patients - Advanced Kidney disease. Planning for end of life care.pdf - This booklet comes with a DVD - to see the videos see below
Videos for the booklet "Advanced Kidney disease" and relevant page numbers.  The videos can be made full screen.

Introduction to the Decision Aid (page 3)

The purpose of the Patient Decision Aid (page7)

Advanced Care Planning (page 16)

Benefits of talking - from a patient's perspective (page 23)

Benefits of talking - sharing your wishes with family and friends (page 23)

Outcomes are governed by the Mental Capacity Act (page 25)
Advance statement - thinking about your care (page 26)
Advance statement - ways to record your wishes (page 26)
Advance decision to refuse treatment (pages 28 & 29)
Preferred place for care (page 36)
Your preferred place for care is not always possible (page 37)
Planning your funeral (page 39)