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Conservative Care or Conservative Management (CM) of Kidney Failure

Deciding not to have dialysis.

You might not want renal replacement therapy. People with other serious medical problems might not do well on dialysis.  For these people dialysis would not significantly prolong their life or make them feel better.  The very elderly fall into this group. The trouble is that with this group of people it is hard to know who will do OK and who will not. Generally the very elderly who do not have the strength to look after themselves, e.g. get dressed, washed and move about, do not do well.

For whatever reason, you might feel that dialysis is too much to put up with. We can still continue to treat you if you do not want to have dialysis.  We will help your kidneys last as long as possible, and we will treat any symptoms of renal failure.  You can get some more good information about what Conservative Management means from the following:

Video to watch:

Conservative Management instead of doing dialysis

 Things to read:

Choosing to have treatment without dialysis. (from the Edinburgh Renal Unit)
Choosing not to have dialysis but still have active treatment From Kidney Research UK.
Non-dialysis management of end-stage renal failure.pdf
What_I_tell_patients_about_Conservative Management of kidney failure.pdf
Advanced Care Planning - Making sure your wishes, views & preferences count - guide 2009.pdf
My Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment - Making your wishes known.pdf